Since 1950

Altın Fıstık has been operating in the pistachio sector for half a century, where it located at 4000 m2 area, has continued its manufacturing by using cutting-edge technology and making no concessions on quality and hygiene as principle.

Still being leading company of its sector with R&D works, Altın Fıstık aims to provide high quality products and best service to customers. 


Hand in hand with farmers

As located factory very close to farms, Altın Fıstık accomplishes increasing efficiency and purchasing more fresh and reliable products. In addition, the company has achieved to decrease amount of Aflatoxin at acceptable level due to short delivery time between harvesting and entrance of raw material to factory.

Rigorous process is started from purchase of raw pistachio by checking/monitoring and continued throughout the production by qualified and experienced personnel.

In our factory where all hygienic requirements are provided, we are able to produce pistachio with desired specifications and packaging.

Still keeping own quality perceptive at every stage of production with qualified personnel, Altın Fıstık has continued branding process thanks to its ethical and reliable approach.




Our mission is;

"We received products, modern, healthy and hygienic environment, in line with customer expectations and handle the taste, production to drive continuous improvement and perfection, current capacity to develop and market our products, Domestic and International Markets manufacturer partners to ensure the highest possible benefit."

Our vision is;

"The world's best quality pistachio producing almonds, peanut sector, in particular to be one of the leading companies in the food sector, sales and marketing, the best quality products to our customers to provide the best service mentality."


ALTINFISTIK 's assessment of the human resources people come first. Target, human resources have the following order:

  • Qualified human resources, work
  • Various awards to increase employee productivity and commitment to promote
  • To support our employees with continuous training in order to achieve maximum performance.